Seabourn Cruise Line

In Asia, as elsewhere, Seabourn takes you to must-see cities and the hidden gems many others miss, ensuring that you travel not only very far, but also very well.

Cruises to Vietnam

Seabourn began taking travelers to Vietnam shortly after the country re-opened to foreign tourism. The company’s intimate, nimble ships offer a comfortable and convenient way to explore this fascinating country, where independent travel is somewhat difficult. Over the years Vietnam has formed the heart of a perennially popular cruise itinerary combining Vietnamese ports with calls in Thailand and Cambodia on voyages

Cruises to Singapore

With ultra-modern skyscrapers and Chinese, Indian and Malay influences, Singapore is rich in contrast and color, with a lovely blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture. Seabourn utilizes the island-nation’s splendid maritime facilities, nearly unrivalled international airlift at its Changi airport and surfeit of top-quality hotels as a prime destination in which to begin or end voyages in Asia.


Seabourn cruises the islands of Japan during the breathtaking springtime cherry blossom season. The country offers a dazzling array of attractions, from the warm seas, coral reefs and sandy beaches of its subtropical southern archipelagos to Tokyo’s glittering neon wonderland, the tranquil Buddhist and Shinto temples and gardens of Kyoto and Osaka and the picturesque forested mountains of Hokkaido island in the north.